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Finally have a moment to write about my first ever book launch of, a collaborative project between me, poet Viorica Hrincu and Moniker Press. It was a great night and I am thankful for everyone who came to listen to the poetry and look at the illustration. It's always nerve wracking to watch people interact with my art as it is, in some ways, so personal.

While I was inspired by Viorica's attitude and poetry about her alopecia, a lot of my own relationship with hair is provided in the illustrations, albeit more abstractly. I'm extremely proud of the finished work and happy to see individual responses to it.  Book Launch and Reading November 18 2016, 0 Comments

I'm happy to announce my first official Book Launch with, an illustrated book of poetry and collaborative project between myself, poet Viorica Hrincu, and artist Erica Wilk. Read on for details on when and where you can find us and how you can support our project.  

Friday November 25th from 7-10pm

2-236 E Pender St, Vancouver BC

Courtesy of VABF: Book Launch & Reading

Join the Vancouver Art Book Fair at our Monthly Open Studio:, a book launch and reading for Moniker Press’ newly released Risograph publication by the same name. In this collaborative poetry chapbook about entanglement, writer Viorica Hrincu and illustrator Melissa Soleski combine poetry and drawings to explore themes of hair, loss and the reorientation of oneself in relation to standards of feminine beauty.

"at this point,
even a cough
gently encourages
my hair to aggregate
into clumps.
I’m sure it’s never
been this easy to
gather individuals towards
a common goal.
On the floor,
shower walls
-classic spectators
of people
who are falling

— Excerpt from the poem "air.h" by Viorica Hrincu.

"As women, we're told that it's only acceptable to have hair on our heads, and literally nowhere else on our bodies." — Viorica Hrincu

Poet and scientist Viorica Hrincu is bald. She was diagnosed with alopecia a less than a year ago. Alopecia only affects hair growth and is neither painful nor life-threatening. The poems in draw from Viorica’s experience, uncovering a sense of empowerment through loss. Combined with the delicate illustrations of Melissa Soleski, the publication not only deals with societal views on beauty, but also explores the inner and even biological connection between hair and identity.

Poetry reading will begin at 8pm. Copies of will be available at the event for $20.


• • •

VIORICA HRINCU is a local scientist who also writes poetry. Believes emotions are (partly) cognitive, which is not her area of research. Not partial to rhyme, but does it sometimes.

MELISSA SOLESKI is a visual artist originally from Edmonton, Alberta. She relocated to Vancouver where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Illustration at Emily Carr University. More often than not, her work acts as an internal self-portrait. Dealing with anxieties of the inner self, her illustrations provide a sense of childlike naivety combined with the grotesque and neurotic. —

MONIKER PRESS is a Risograph publishing studio that works collaboratively with artists and writers to produce small editions of books, zines and print ephemera. —

Copies of can also be ordered online:

• • •


DIRECTIONS TO THE EVENT: Please follow the signs from the front door of 236 E Pender Street and enter around back in the alley. Knock loudly to be let in.

Monthly Open Studio events are hosted approximately every third Friday of the month. This edition was organized by Erica Wilk and presented in partnership with Moniker Press.


Just Wait and There November 16 2016, 0 Comments

Excerpt from the collaborative poetry book '" titled "just wait and there". 

just wait and there

just wait

and there

I am.

in my shapes

in all my wheres, you

wear me

enough, though too

I have wondered

if places for things like me

can exist


I paw

with all nine limbs

the delicate fruit

like the heads of mermaids

ashore your skin

from the bumbling wetness in

the sea of pleasure

In the moat, for those who

manage ever

a stumbling through


out there, make out

where beautiful headless bodies float



Nosferatu October 19 2016, 1 Comment

Serving you Nosferatu realness. 

What we do in the Shadows October 10 2015, 0 Comments


Inspired by one of the best horror satire movie I've seen in a long time " What We Do in the Shadows".It's amazing. Watch it now. Do it. 




Who's got two thumbs and has been marathoning Ru Paul's Drag Race all week? This guy. 


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Daily Drawing, "Red Mittens" October 04 2015, 0 Comments

Red mittens and rosy cheeks. 

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Inktober Day 2:

The internet seems to think that Racoons are these cute, fat little fuzzy rascals. Wait till there's a horde of them in your backyard holding your cat's collar, taunting you with their beady little soul-less eyes. 


Stupid trash pandas.



P.S The cat is fine, I may have also exaggerated about the horde thing. Racoons are huge in real life, and decidedly less cuddly and cute than the internet would have you believe. Consider this a warning.  

Frankensass October 02 2015, 0 Comments

Oh man, I love Halloween. Spooky characters, chilly weather, blood, guts, gore and candy all sound good to me. Thats why this year I'm going to give Inktober a try, it's when artsy people challenge themselves to make a drawing a day for the month of October. 

I may be a day late but the sass face on this lady Frankenstein says "Bitch, I do what I want."

You do you, sassy face, you do you. 

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I'll be graduating from Emily Carr this May after 3 years. With both excitement and trepidation I can look back fondly on the experiences I've gained, the stress, the break-downs and everything else that comes with university.  Lets hope its only onward and upward from here. And sleep. Sleep would be great as well.